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Philly Represent 06.04.10

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ZDK, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. ZDK

    ZDK Member
    Thread Starter


    Is anyone from Philly getting their phones from Radio Shack in South Philly? Is there anyone in Philly that already has the EvO? Trying to link up hopefully on release day


  2. muncher

    muncher Member

    will be in philly for the month of june. couldn't preorder because bb/rs required physical presence to place one... so i will probably buy one on the 7th or 8th (after wwdc, jsut in case apple comes out with something crazy).
  3. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Android Enthusiast

    I live close enough to Delaware that I preordered at the Concord Mall Best Buy to avoid sales tax and the confusion that seems to have come along with it. I'm not picking it up til I get off of work though and after I move into it, I'm off to watch the Flyers game.
  4. dsarch21

    dsarch21 Well-Known Member

    I'm down in AC, but might be up for a phils game in the coming week.

    fly guys are down 0-2 and not looking good.....they really needed to split in chi-town....
  5. Kaskimondo

    Kaskimondo Member

    I live in Chicago, but love to represent Philly! Some of my favorite things from Philly are...
  6. ZDK

    ZDK Member
    Thread Starter

    Ha Ha---What you know about "Tony Lukes"!!!
  7. Kaskimondo

    Kaskimondo Member

    I know that I love thier cheesteaks with "Brocalarah" ;)

    Primo Hoagie on Ritner is also da bomb!

    Still haven't tried some of the other places for cheeasteaks that I wanted, Like Steve's Prince, etc...
  8. jkmbaum

    jkmbaum Newbie

    I am in Delaware county. I brought my evo may 21th for 550 before bing.com cashback from eBay....i couldn't wait. Now i have to get an evo for my wife Friday morning, so I will be that Sprint corp store on Baltimore pike Friday early.... I have my chair and goodbag waiting.
  9. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Android Enthusiast

    I'll be there to pick up some accessories later in the day (like a pouch that I can't seem to find anywhere online).
  10. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Android Enthusiast

    You're forgetting the famous Philly soft pretzel. Shame on you!
  11. jkmbaum

    jkmbaum Newbie

    I've got a leather HTC hd2 beltclip case from eBay for 4 bucks and it work great.
  12. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Android Enthusiast

    I'm specifically looking for a vertical pocket pouch that every place I look either is sold out of or is charging waaay to much for.
  13. ShadoX

    ShadoX Lurker

    I'm in philly too, I'm getting my Evo from the Radioshack on Aramingo Ave. They are opening at 6AM. If you haven't had a hands on with the device yet they do have a demo unit in store. They let me play with it for a while and even let me install some apps.
  14. ZDK

    ZDK Member
    Thread Starter


    Have u received a call from them yet? Im gettin mine from the one on Synder Ave near Target--they havent called me yet and im NERVOUS as hell. Not to mention i called there the other day and the Sales Associate state emphatically that they were not opening early and said they wouldnt be gettin phone until the 4th (allegedly when it will be shipped via UPS)
  15. ShadoX

    ShadoX Lurker

    Well, I didn't receive a call but my brother works at the store the store that I preordered at so he will be the one there during the 6AM opening. I wouldn't worry to much honestly, I was told that any store that had more then 4 preorders would be opening early. My brother says that they were getting AT LEAST enough units for preorders. I would call the store and speak to the manager.
  16. ShadoX

    ShadoX Lurker

    Well I know for a fact now that the store I mentioned earlier has the Evo's in. They have 9 extra non preordered Evo's up for grab if anyone needs one.
  17. kmbutts

    kmbutts Member

    Dude!!! you are so wrong for posting this!!!! I am in Atlanta and can't, I repeat, can't buy a good cheesesteak in the state!!! :(:(:(

    I am going to have to see if Tony can ship via dry ice!!!

    Good thing I can cook; I was jonesing sooo much for a cheesteak that I had to make my own:








    Kaskimondo likes this.
  18. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    I'd love Cheeze whiz on my Philly Cheesteak please. :D
  19. kmbutts

    kmbutts Member

    Used vidalia onions and Cheddar Bacon Cheese for mine!
  20. Kaskimondo

    Kaskimondo Member

    That looks pretty tasty! I've done the same thing! The hard part is getting the ribeye cut real thin and the bread, hard to get Philly bread.
  21. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Android Enthusiast

    Someone needs to take a trip to Sarcone's Deli.
  22. stoli412

    stoli412 Member

    Preorder #2 at the Radio Shack in the Gallery! (Stop laughing, it's the closest one to my apartment.)
  23. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Android Enthusiast

    Just be hopeful you make it out of there with your EVO.
  24. stoli412

    stoli412 Member

    Yeah I broke my "No Gallery" rule for this. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! And it beat getting the Zipcar to go out to some god forsaken suburb to order one.

    Generally I walk by the Gallery to get to the Reading Terminal, which is a completely different experience. And my neighborhood south of Market is another completely different experience itself. But I still love it this way. It's what makes living in Philadelphia so fun and interesting.
  25. Ky1e.YC

    Ky1e.YC Member

    that pic makes me so hungry....

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