Help Phone appears to freeze when charging


So this is what happens:

If I plug in the phone while it is on, it charges, and I can use it while it is charging just fine, however, after about 10 minutes of inactivity, the phone appears to "freeze" (not the right term) the status light, if applicable, will still flash, and the phone appears fine, but the screen will not change from black, no matter what is done. (lock/power button, volume button, unplug) The only way to get the phone back is to unplug, then complete the soft reset (lock + vol)

The same thing happens if I charge with the phone off. I turn the phone off, plug it in, and it boots to the charge screen, after about 10 minutes, if I go to push the lock button to check the charge status, the screen stays black. The phone must be unplugged, then soft reset (lock + vol) to turn back on.

This is rather irritating, as my phone is my only alarm, and I must ensure it has enough battery to last through the night, so I will wake up, which often causes me to stay awake WAY longer than I should be to wait for a charge, because I am using my phone all day. (Granted, I only need to do this about every other day because the battery lasts long enough.)

I have read several other posts on this, and other forums about this. The general consensus seems to be using the wrong charger.

I bought this phone brand new, about a month ago from Verizon, and have only ever used the charger cable and plug that came in the box, haven't even used the vehicle charger, nor plugged into a PC.

This also isn't a new development, it has been doing this since day 1, I have just been living with it, but now I am really losing my cool.

I have also done a complete FDR (factory data reset), as well as ensure I have no smart actions. (I even disabled the smart actions app) Also, have set the screen to "never sleep while charging" in the developer settings menu. (menu>settings>developer>screen)

I am running no other applications for battery saving/phone control.

Any ideas on what can be done to solve this issue? The phone is absolutely wonderful aside from this very irritating aspect. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I don't have the issues you mention but, when charging, my 'make your own clock' widget displays bizarre battery levels. It takes a few minutes off the charger to settle back down. I am using the same charger that I have for my Moto Droid 4, I bought the Razr HD off swappa w/no charger.


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I also failed to mention in the first post that I have set the screen to "never sleep while charging" in the developer settings menu. (menu>settings>developer>screen)

I have since updated the original post to reflect this.


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try booting into safe mode and testing it. hold power key to get power menu> touch and hold power off> confirm to reboot into safe mode.

it doesn't delete anything, it just disables 3rd party apps (the ones d/l'd from the play store). if it doesn't happen, then it's an app issue... regardless of what the app is designed to do, it can have other impacts.

if it does happen in safe mode, do another FDR and make sure to uncheck "automatic restore" and then uncheck "backup my data". IN THAT ORDER. skip the setup wizard by pressing the home key. test it out. even try it with different chargers (different usb cable, wall adapter, car charger, anything that's not the original charger that came with it.) if it's still an issue, you'll need to replace it.


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Sorry, taken a while to get back here. I still couldn't get it to work, even in the safe mode, however, I just downloaded the new update, and I no longer have this issue, it seems to have been resolved!

For other people with this issue:
System version 9.18.79.XT926.Verizon.en.US or later should solve this issue.