Phone book names disappeared in car since Android ICS update

Hi everyone - New member so please go easy! I've come here for some tech help.

I have my HTC Sensation connected via Bluetooth to my Audi car. When I was running Android 2 when I accessed the phone book through the car's interface I could see the contact names.

However, since upgrading to Android 4, all I see now is the phone number.

Does anyone know how I can get the names to appear again? Is it a new security setting in ICS? I don't want to have to memorize phone numbers again like the days before mobile phones!!
i reply here (although I don't know the solution ), because I have a rather similar problem:

The other day I connected my android phone to my pc, and done a software update (as already 1.000 times before..). This time it upgraded itself to android 4. After restarting my phone first it appeared that my contact list was empty, but I have done something (to be honest I dont remember what), and then now I have my contacts back, but all is uneditable. So if I wanted to change something in one of my contacts (say: change the number) I could not do it.

I started the upgrade, because so far none of the updates have done anything to my contact list: it all remained intact.
If I knew that updating to android 4.0 would 'hurt' my contacts, I would have been more cautious with starting the update (for example I would have made some safety backups, etc).

Any ideas to this phenomenon?
Same experience anyone?
Thanks in advance!

sorry.. sorry.. OK, to answer my previous post: all the contacts are editable, just an extra push of the menu button.. I should have read the new features of the SW.. sorry again..
(to be honest i find the older UI appearance easier to understand..)