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phone boots to recovery only

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kartikoli, May 2, 2012.

  1. kartikoli

    kartikoli Member
    Thread Starter

    I have installed recovery from the following thread

    then backed up the original rom now i tried 2 roms

    after following the steps every thing goes fine and when i restart the phone it goes to recovery only
    I cant boot to desktop with any rom so had to revert back to original backup and its working properly

    Please help guys

    P.S. I have rooted my phone through z4root

  2. hoshigami

    hoshigami Lurker

    do wipe data and wipe cache
  3. kartikoli

    kartikoli Member
    Thread Starter

    i did it 5 times but not after installing custom rom
  4. pri88yank

    pri88yank Newbie

    I am also facing the same issue.If somebody has the answer plz help.....i wiped cache and data partition before updating the ROM
  5. zeus_hunt

    zeus_hunt Newbie

    Hi kartikoli and pri88yank,

    Have you been able to fix your situation ?
  6. pri88yank

    pri88yank Newbie

    Yes, actually try installing new "noversion2" rom using NVFLASH. I didn't find the solution by got an alternative. Actually i also found that the CWM recovery in the tutorial and new ROM are actually different, may be the cause of problem.

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