Accessories Phone call audio not going to BT device

I had Android 4.4.4 and have updated now to 5.1. The propblem below applies to both systems

I have just bought a BlueTooth audio receiver. It pairs and connects OK. Music is fine. Maps nav works. Even the phone ring sound works if I place or receive a call.

But the actual voice on the phone still goes to the phone's audio system and not BT.

Is there a way to fix this, please? I do not have access to another BT audio device to see if it is caused by the receiver. I do have access to other Android phones.

Thanks for any help



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hmmm...Maps doesn't work either, now. This pretty much makes BT uesless on my phone. :(

Edit: Maps does work. The newer version has an _option_ to work with BT devices and it defaults to off. sigh!

It is definitely specific to the phone. I have just tried a tablet and Maps works fine as do phone calls

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