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Phone charges slow/strange and drains battery fast

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jward1287, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. jward1287

    jward1287 Lurker
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    SO! I have only had my Galaxy S5 since May of 2015. Has worked great for me since....No issues or anything. I use it probably just about as much as everyone else....There is really only 2 games I play and have downloaded. If i download apps and dont like them or dont play them I delete them right away. Well last week out of NO where my phone went whacky with the charging. It started when my original 3.0 charger that came with the phone stopped working and was faulty bc the end got bent and i saw a couple small silver wires sticking out so its definitely not good. It will plug in and if it does charge it really doesnt do anything. So i grabbed another USB cable and used that and it was slower charging but worked fine for 2 weeks or so....then the phone started charging the same way the damaged cable did. I have also got another 2.0 USB cable that i plugged into the original Samsung port so i get the right voltage and amps. That pretty much worked the same as well. I cant use my phone while charging or else it stays at that charge or it drops down. I have done EVERYTHING you can imagine to fix this. Restored to factory settings, disabled everything i dont use, i use battery doctor and clean master, uninstalled everything i dont use as well....changed settings in my phone to make it faster and not kill as much battery....you NAME it I did it....I even formatted my SD card which is from an old motorola phone that i put in not long ago thinking that might of caused it. It was only 2GB so i just deleted everything off it and took it out....restarted phone, cleared system cache 100 times, took battery out...SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! lol....oh and by the way...the first night i changed the 2.0 USB cable into the Samsung port or whatever....it jumped from 38% to 58% in 5 minutes bc it was stuck at 38 forever while charging...then it was reading i was getting the right amps and voltage and charged super fast. Got my hopes up for sure because after it fully charged it drained so fast in about 2-3 hours I had like 50 percent left. JUST SOMEONE HELP ME! LOL I apologize for such a long essay lol. Hope someone can give me some idea. Do i just simply need a new battery? Like out of no where like that? or what could it be THANKS!

  2. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    Uninstall both battery doctor and clean master,
    they are garbage apps, and they send home your private info to a server.... bad news city.....

    don't worry about the post.....

    It is possible, the crossed wires damaged the charging port/circuits.... but you say it seems like it still charges a little bit.

    I would, at a minimum, borrow a battery and test it.
    Or, just pitch up the coin for a new battery.... you have gotten a lot of use out of that one.

    the other things you have done, I don't see as having any effect on Charging Rate.

    That Battery Charge Status? take that with a grain of salt....
    the only thing that really counts, is how long it takes from start to finish on a charge.

    and the same goes for discharge.... from full to 40% or so....

    My S5 gives me at least 3 to 5 hours of heavy use on a full charge down to around the 40% level.... for myself, I try to keep the batteries at 40% or more.... it just helps the battery last longer.
  3. jward1287

    jward1287 Lurker
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    I appreciate the feedback....my phone will charge still yeah but very slowly and i mean SLOW! and really only charges if i have it off or not using it. .....and its showing up thats its charging as a USB and not Charger or the wall outlet...i have 2 programs showing me the same thing. The one time I said it worked good charging and went fast and i got my hopes up....it was reading it as a AC charger or whatever.....the original charger that came with the phone and charged super fast and even showed is was charging at like 1200mA ......that was just once.....now its back down to charging only at 300mA and like 3.8 volts to MAYBE 4 volts ....so its not putting charge into it so idk if its the battery or faulty charger now? lol even tho i tried different ones. 2 older ones

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