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Phone comes tomorrow... nervous lol

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Trauma, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Trauma

    Trauma Member
    Thread Starter

    My phone is set to arrive first thing in the morning... i am nervous on how to use it lol.

    I never had a droid phone, i played with it at the store a couple times and loved it regardless of having no clue what i was doing.

    I may actually have to read the manual on this one...

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  2. ericsch333

    ericsch333 Well-Known Member

    I am in the same boat my phone will be here between 9:00am 10:30 am never had a droid i have an imac macbook pro and a ipad. So i will have to lean another OS.
  3. New ERA

    New ERA Member

    android OS has a very easy learning curve...you should be a pro after a couple of hours of messing around. If you have any questions, well, thats what this board is for...congratz on your purchase, the X is a great device!
  4. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Welcome to the world of Android! :D
    You have come to the right place for news and help.
    The search box feature here is great, it is your shortcut/solution to any question or problem you may have!
    If you end up not finding what you're after, post up in the appropriate section or contact a moderator.
    There are tons of helpful people here ;)

    All the best with your new Android device!
    Welcome to AndroidForums!
  5. Booya

    Booya Well-Known Member

    I was nervous too the day my X was arriving. I hardly got any sleep.
  6. Got Droid

    Got Droid Newbie

    That nervouse energy will turn to joy and amazment in about an hour after you play with the Droid X. Remember not to pull out the battery assist film from the battery compartment. There are a couple nice review vidios over at mobile burn. Just watching the vidios helped pick up some skills. :D
  7. stevez444

    stevez444 Member

    I got my Droid 1 in November and have never looked back. My Droid X is being delivered today.

    I'm a Mac guy that will never move to the iPhone, even if it comes to Verizon.

    One hint though....the mini-manual that comes with the phone is so brief that it can be frustrating. We went online to the Motorola site and printed the full manual for the phone. That was a big help.

  8. Trauma

    Trauma Member
    Thread Starter

    woot tracking says phone is on fedex vehicle for delivery.

  9. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Android Expert

    I hope you have some vacation time at work because you'll be spending the next few days/weeks attached to your phone. You will become oblivious to others around you, and will only respond with maybe a nod of your head. It is a serious condition. Maybe you could use sick leave. :D
  10. MacII

    MacII Member

    Thanks for posting this. I've been searching for something exactly like this so my wife can learn more about her phone before it arrives.
  11. meezi

    meezi Newbie

    Lol I actually find it fun learning how to use new gadgets! I think you'll feel the same, the nervousness must come from the anticipation.
  12. rollbuddha

    rollbuddha Lurker

    I had never used a Droid prior to receiving mine either and I have to tell you that you'll be JUST fine!! I have DEFINITELY learned a lot from this forum too. Have fun, be sure to either take a day off or keep your office door closed when you get it!!
  13. ericsch333

    ericsch333 Well-Known Member

    Well I stayed home from work I feel like such a geek. Tracking says it's on the way:D Now I can spend the hole day leaning and reading....
  14. Young Droid

    Young Droid Lurker

    Mine just came. Im going to call into to work tonight lol so i can figure this new gadget out.
  15. copr165

    copr165 Newbie

    Me either the first time I bought mine. Was a Blackberry user. Not anymore. When bought first Droid took it back in 13 hours. Was so confused. That was when they first came out, Months later tried it again. Now have the X the Incredible and wife has the Ally. Was in Doctor's office this morning and a gentleman had just got his X yesterday and said when he came out of store had to go back in and ask them how to answer a call he was receiving. Prior to that he had a flip. If you get frustrated stick with it because it is worth every hour and every minute. Plus there is plenty of help out here.
  16. Theibault

    Theibault Well-Known Member

    Stupid Tom Petty. The waiting really is the hardest part.
  17. cornflwr33

    cornflwr33 Member

    I was nervous too.. I've had the phone for a little over a week and still tweeking it to fit my style but i just Love it!!!!!!!
  18. Kevmueller

    Kevmueller Android Expert

    My phone will be here TOMORROW! I am switching from the TP2. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I liked WinMo and all the apps that it had, but now the speed and the apps that our out for andriod made me feel better about the switch. The other concern that I had was the virtual keyboard, had one on the Omnia, but I was in the store and tried it out and loved it. In less than 24 hours I will be playing with my X!
  19. Trust me, you'll love it. I came from Windows Mobile and this phone can do sooooo much more cool stuff.

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