Help Phone constantly pushes "Search" button

My phone constantly pushes the search button when I'm not even touching it. I have a video of it actually going crazy and pushing it over and over again! I will hit the home key, it will go home and then immediately go back to the search page. It is so annoying! It has been like this for months, so it's not like shutting the phone off and rebooting will be of much help.

It did, however stop for a few weeks, at least not as frequently, but as of late it has been going off more and more. It is very annoying and really hinders some apps -- especially music ones, or just the phone in general. (Being forced to stop what you are doing to push the back button about 5 times until it stops pushing the search button automatically is annoying).

Any help? I don't ever really even use the search button that often, my home page for the browser is so I don't have that much use for it, is there a way to possibly turn it off completely? Thank you all for any help you will surely give :)

EDIT: I noticed that the picture that they give for the Samsung Galaxy S does not look like my phone at all, my phone is, unfortunately, on the AT&T network, so it has a search button, along with a menu, home and back button.


try updating your software (using Kies). i had the same issue as well. i just updated from Eclair to Froyo and then to Gingerbread and the touch response of the buttons feels different...see if it makes a difference for you.