Phone Control Key is visible in appl. list


Hello, I've just installed Phone Control and also Phone Control Key in my son cell phone. But I still see the application in the appl. list and it is even possible ti un-install it without any restriction. I've also added the password to open the appl. but it is very strange as it is still visible and easy to un-install ..
Any indication on how to hide the appl. and restrict the un-installation ?
The phone is a LG 970 with Android 2.3 so it should be compatible with the latest feature above ..



Hi :hello: welcome to the forum :shakehands: i have moved your thread over to android applications so you can get better help.

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OP, given that they are listed as separate apps in Google Play, it would stand to reason that they show up as such on your phone. Some devs include a feature that allows the app-key to hide itself from your view after a reboot. Assuming that option isn't there, you have two choices:
A. You can email the dev and see if that can be added in a future update to it
B. Install a replacement home launcher, as many of them include features that allow users to hide apps from their view.