Help Phone display black after booting, the display works when booting


When I boot my phone (allview x5 soul mini) the display is working fine. After I type my pin to unlock it, it starts as it usually would but then just displays a black screen. Nothing . I can manage to make it work, but after I close my screen, it stays closed until i restart it again.
Safe boot doesnt help.
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Smoke me a kipper...
Back up anything important and try a factory reset.

If you have the option in recovery mode, try wiping the system cache (just the cache, not cache+data, not factory reset). That was removed from most phones a while ago, but I'm hoping that a phone I've never heard of might still have a useful legacy feature like that. There's a small chance that that might fix it, in which case you are spared a reset. But otherwise my best guess is that you've got some corrupt data somewhere that's messing up the display drivers, and I doubt I'd be able to track down precisely what (and if it's system data I might not be able to remove it anyway without root), in which case a reset will be needed.

The worst case is that the actual system software has been corrupted, in which case a reset won't help either (in that case either a reflash would be needed or, if the storage itself is damaged, there would be nothing you could do). But I think there's a good chance of a reset fixing it. From what you describe it's clearly a problem with the android system rather than the hardware, since the splash screen and boot animation work (which all come up before the Android system takes over).