Feb 22, 2010
I received the update notification last Sun. I did exactly what it said and have been having problems w/ my poor phone ever since. Biggest problem is that my phone DOES NOT ring when someone calls. I have the ringer up ALL THE WAY. I even did a complete reset. The ringer worked for a day after the reset but now.....nothing. :( I really need some help here please.
You seem to have the dreaded silent call issue. It seems to be a hardware issue and you will probably need a warranty replacement. Contact Verizon and they will tell you what to do in order to receive it.
They'll make you try a hard reset first, so you might as well do it. Instructions are in the sticky thread.
I had this same problem with my phone not ringing after an upgrade. I was getting ready to try the "hard reset first" as suggested above, and then I read another thread that talked about how it could be related to outdated or corrupt information in the "cache". I already had a free App installed on my phone called "App Cache Cleaner" (InfoLife), so I ran that to clear the cache files on the phone. I did go into the App's Settings and unchecked "Hide Apps with tiny cache size" just in case (not sure that I had to do that, but I did anyway). It takes a few seconds to build the list of Apps and cache sizes so don't rush it. After running the CLEAR, I rebooted the phone and then it started ringing again! Haven't had any trouble with it since. Didn't lose anything, didn't have to re-load any Apps or Contacts or anything.