Root Phone drops calls at 7sec. with LTE


Daryl Bowman
I was given a work phone on an AT&T business plan. I have unlimited calling, texting, and 30GB of data shared between four people. I have an HTC One M8, rooted, running CM11.

Just recently, my phone losses service and hangs up on calls CONSISTENTLY after 7 sec., but only when I have my LTE turned on. If I turn off mobile networks, or restrict it to 3g, it's fine.

Does anyone have a cure? Is AT&T restricting it somehow?


Daryl Bowman
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Booting into safe mode just keeps popping up a notification that the system.bla.bla.ui has crashed over and over and won't load anything else...


Having the same problem (AT&T M8) after rooting and adding CM. Thinking the rom was the problem, did a full wipe and used AICP and have the same issue :frown:


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Moved your thread to the root section

I'm not sure this is a root issue, I have come through a few threads from different devices on the AT&T network that are all having the same issue, could by an AT&T issue, some have had to switch to a new SIM card.