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Phone freezes for split seconds, jerks/pauses in music playback

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DavidVI, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. DavidVI

    DavidVI Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I got an Xperia S the other day. Updated it to 0.73.

    When playing music on any player, streaming or not. It stutters now and then, i'm not sure of the word for it but the music will pause for a split second then continue.

    Its not constant and can happen a few times a song. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all.

    It might be my eyes but I also noticed my live background jerking around the same time the music does making me think its the phone freezing for a split second?

    I've no idea as i'm new to smartphones all together.
    I've tried closing stuff, using a task killer but sometimes it still happens.

    Any ideas?

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  2. heavensenttom

    heavensenttom Member

    The task killer could be what's causing it. It could be forcing something to shut down that isn't ready to, distrupting the music and flow background. I know the task killer I was using regularly killed the flow background without me telling it to.
  3. DavidVI

    DavidVI Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'll try uninstalling task killer things, but somehow I doubt it is that as it happens when the phone is idle, like sitting in the car playing music for example. Unless stuff is still going on then..

    Something I forgot to add. I can sortof force it to do the jerk by doing something on the phone, like unlocking it sometimes causes it, or just doing something like opening the email app.

    Thanks for help
  4. heavensenttom

    heavensenttom Member

    Mine did it when it was idle. I'd unlock the screen to find the flow program had an error and had been shut down. As soon as I deleted the app killer it stopped.

    Tbh though if you can force it to happen it sounds like the handest might be dodgy.

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