Nov 16, 2021
Hi all,
I wrote a program which runs in Terminal on my phone (Android 9), this program makes some computations and writes the result in a file. No input, no app.
I have realized that after a few minutes I suspend the display the execution is frozen and resumes when I switch it on again, very annoying since my goal is to take advantage of the CPU during day and night.
Is there any way to avoid this? Note the phone is not rooted
Thanks a lot in advance to whomever will reply
Thank you for your reply,

this is beyond my capability, I am not a programmer, my program is written in (old) Pascal. And anyway this wakelock should be included in Terminal, right? I mean even if I was able to do it, I can not put it inside the program running in Terminal... should be the Terminal itself implementing the lock.
Am I wrong?
Yes, it would be up to the terminal emulator app you're using to implement the wakelock. I know some have a toggle in the settings for that.
Congratulations!!! Thanks

UPDATE: no it does not seem to work, after 10 minutes still at the beginning...
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Yes, I think you are right, more than that, there is the option but does not work. Thanks a lot anyway
Shoot, I really thought that would do the trick. I'm afraid I don't know what else to try though.
Maybe it is working now with the following steps: I opened the terminal and set wakelock on, then I opened a new window inside Terminal and killed the old one, then I worked on the second. I should have launched during the night a counter to be sure but since I am in a hurry I launched my program and I have the feeling it works because I had some results in the morning, even though not mathematically sure, afterwords I will check the counter
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