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Support Phone has shut off, will not turn back on

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by NicoEsRico, Jun 19, 2016.

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    Jun 19, 2016

    Jun 19, 2016
    After scavenging the internet in search of answers, I am left to simply asking for personal help from the community: a few days back, I was using my phone (HTC One M9) for a conversation with another person, when I realized the battery was at 1%, and I was not near a charging source. As it died, it did the regular event for the phone: the Sprint logo appears, then closes into black. When I eventually reached a charging source, I found that it did not accept it, with the screen not lighting up with the battery gauge nor the red light coming on. Deep research has told me the battery may had lost charge below it's safe range, causing the phone to not turn on as a safety precaution. I left the phone plugged in periodically, and as of late it's acted differently. When unplugged, any combination of button presses involving the press of the power button causes the red light to flash once, and only once, no matter how long the buttons are held after. Directly after plugging it into a wall charger, the red light blinks every second, 45 times, before becoming silent. When holding any button combination, it seems to follow a sort of code, albeit completely random, such as 1-2-7-11-5-7-13-1-13-3 and so on. I have tried the "hold all buttons for 2 minutes" but to no avail. I am still under warranty by HTC, so I will eventually send it in for repair, but they will factory reset the phone, erasing much of my valuable data. Any help or tips would be appreciated


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