Help Phone Has Too Much Treble. Sounds Like a Tin Can.


When I listen to any type of audio on my Droid X using the external speaker, it sounds too high pitched with too much treble. Not enough bass or mid tones. My kids each have a LG Vortex and the audio is much better on the theirs. The Vortex has a much richer realistic sound. My Droid X sounds like a tin can.

I have never located an equalizer in the Droid X to tweak the sound. Is there any way to do this so all audio is improved and not just for music? Besides streaming music from Pandora or Slacker radio, I also have some Apps that would benefit from adjusting the sound.


In "Settings" under "Sound" select "Media Audio Effects." It allows you to tweak audio for both the external speaker and the headphone jack.