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Phone idle

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Logan47, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Logan47

    Logan47 Android Enthusiast
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    Question regarding phone idle status. I have Galaxy S2, on 2.3.5 running Go Launcher, pretty much set up that way for weeks now, no problem. I charged the phone today from 10 percent to full and then left it untouched for over 11 hours on flight mode, wifi connected, set to sleep when screen is off as it always has been. Looked at the phone over 11 hours later and phone idle was at 75 percent but battery had gone down to 60 percent, something very out of the ordinary as I leave my phone for long periods on flight mode and untouched. Battery stats show nothing unusual that drained the power, no extra services running and I have no sync set up and all apps are on manual fetch or update.
    Anything I might look at to identify problem as I can leave the phone all day and only drop a small percent in power?
    Is it possible something prevented it from going to sleep?

    Thanks for any replies.

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  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    That means that Phone idle used 75% of the consumed battery strength. So, in actual percentage, it used 30% of your battery.

    Considering the circumstances, it's completely normal for that result to be so high. Just remember, the battery stats report tells you the percentage of what was used, not overall battery.

    If you go to batt stats, press menu, then refresh. Then add all the percentages listed, it should equal 100%.

    -------------------- Edit ----------------------

    Err...I totally misread what you posted. A 40% drop in battery after 11 hours of inactivity does seem like a bit. Go into your batt stats and tap the graph. Look at the Awake bar. Is it lightly sprinkled with activity, or is there solid blocks? If it's light, I would think you need to calibrate your battery. If it's heavy, reboot: Because it's likely some run away app that just needs a kick in the pants. Or the OS is the run away app. After reboot, try again and see if you have the same drop.

    To cal your battery:

    If rooted: Download "Battery Calibration" from the market and follow it's instructions. Let it discharge to 3% or shut down (it's safe to let it discharge to shut down, if anyone says differently, they have no clue about how the controlling circuits for Li-Ion batteries work). Do 1 or 2 more 100% to 3% cycles. You don't have to let the device shut down for these secondary cycles. But leave it powered up when charging.

    If not: Fully charge. Then disconnect the power cable and allow a full discharge until shutdown. (it's safe to let it discharge to shut down, if anyone says differently, they have no clue about how the controlling circuits for Li-Ion batteries work) Recharge with the device powered on and you should notice a bit better battery performance. Do this again for the next few days. I can explain why this works if you want.
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  3. Logan47

    Logan47 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, I follow that but the stand out part is my phone would run down about 1-2 percent down in every hour if left untouched as I leave it alone for long hours several days a week, resulting in say at most 15 percent drop all day, however this time it dropped 40 percent. My last stats before charge were 2 days 5 hours and I used to on and off for those 2 days. At this rate of not using it it would be flat in less than 24 hours of not using it at all. So my problem is, what is the change?

    just saw your edit so will add mine.
    Battery wake looks ok, long gaps consistent as they always are. Not rooted by the way. I always switch off at night so will run it down a bit further tomorrow and charge again. I usually charge to full, leave for 20 mins then switch off and charge a little further until it says 100 then unplug and turn back on.

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