phone insurance


For just $5/month, along with a deductible if you file a claim, you'll be covered if your Virgin Mobile device breaks or is lost, stolen, or damaged


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Total waste of money if it works in any similar fashion to what I had with t mobile. Same company, same bs I would bet. Typically, the deductible is around $75-90. After paying $5/month, I say it's not worth it. And by the way, the phones they send as replacements are rehabbed junk. Had to send two back when I had my blackberry. Also super creepy people to deal with when making a claim. When I reported my BB missing, the guy said "well thank god you still have the sim card because that's where all the information is kept". I was like wtf are you talking about and why would I have that? A fantastic service if you like that sorta thing. No thanks.