Phone insurance


I just picked up a Droid Bionic yesterday and I am thinking of buying some phone insurance. Does anyone know of a good reputable place to get it that would be cheaper and better than getting it right from Verizon?

Verizon wants 7.99 a month for it with like a 50 deductable.

Any personal stories and suggestions will be appreciated.


Ive got insurance through best buy. its 10 bucks a month but unlike verizon they wont give you a rotten used phone if yours breaks. Theyll hand you a brand new one and smile. Bestbuy also isnt as picky about the reasons why your bringing it back. Sometimes the less questions, the better you know. Theres also no deductible, wtf is with that crap? And you can cancel any month, or buy by the year and get a few months worth off. Just my two cents. Actually, now that i think about it you may not be able to obtain the insurance unless youve purchased it there. Food for thought tho.


Verizon $7.99?

I only pay a little over $5
Then when the manufacturers warranty is up, I will up it to the $6.99 plan which also covers the stuff the warranty covered.

To get the insurance through Best Buy, you have to buy the phone from Best Buy. Sure, you might get a refurbished phone from VZ but that does not bother me.