Phone is not saving my sent emails


Apr 20, 2012

I configured my phone so as in the email section it is set up with my main email account, which is one with my internet provider, Free (a French company).

I am able to send and receive emails, however in the sent part of the email on the phone all that appear are emails that I have sent over the internet using my desktop PC using my provider's webmail. Emails I send from the phone are not saved - anywhere (on the provider's webmail, or on the phone).

I can't find anything in the settings that might solve this. Basically I want emails sent from the phone to at least be visible on the sent box of the phone.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?


If you go to phone message logs your e mails are shown there along with the calls list and sent messages

Oh, OK, so they are. A massive amount of rubbish seems to be in there -- loads of emails I deleted and didn't read etc. Does it ever get full? So it's normal then, that the INBOX-sent bit on the actual e-mail app doesn't show them? Good to know anyway. Thanks very much.

In trying to figure this out, by the way, I thought of deleting the email account on the phone and reinserting it, just in case that helped. I went into Settings - Accounts and Sync and then deleted the account in there. But then I found that when I went to click on email the account was still working, it just doesn't now appear in Settings - Accounts and Sync anymore.. Does that matter, and if it does how can I replace it there?


Hello Brian566. Saw your response about finding sent e-mails etc which helped Orlando. I have the same problem but don't know where to find phone message logs. Can you help please