Dec 1, 2011
Sunny South Florida
Let me explain, phone was rooted working fine, I has phone connected to PC with usb cable and by accident updated software from lg website, I was not paying attention, son was playing RAGE on PC and this was done in back round by the LG updater tool.

In any event when I rebooted the phone it was stuck st the screen that says "android" that flashes.

I am able to get it to the sw upgrade screen. I need some guidance to get the phone back in a working state. Even if back to default Metro would be fine as I could root it again, at this point I am working with the LGNPST tool and getting nowhere fast.

Any help would be appreciated...................
Try to boot into recovery, by holding Vol Down + Back Button + Power Key. It will do a factory reset, sometimes is needed for phone to boot after flash. Hope it helps.