May 4, 2010
Is it just me or is it SUPER annoying that the phone locks itself whenever you finish a call?

Is there an option that I can set the phone to NOT automatically lock itself after ending a call?
If you set the screen timeout to 'never timeout' then the phone is not locked during or after calls. The option to alter the screen timeout length is in ->system settings ->Sound and display-> screen timeout.
Hope this helps:)
Okay at least I now know that I'm not alone on this one. Guess we can only hope that a firmware update will solve this's extremely annoying if I want to call someone right after I end a call...argh...
It locks for me after a call only if I had the screen locked when I got the call. It's kind of handy so that someone who doesn't know my screen lock can still answer the phone, but after the call is over, phone is locked and they can't see my personal info, I had my iPhone do the same.
Doesn't matter whether I initiated or it's an incoming call, whenever a call ends, the screen is locked after...
I've had Blackberrys and iPhones before buying the x10. The none of my previous phones work like this. If you're always on the phone like me, it's a real pain in the ass to have to unlock my phone each time. I've played with every setting, there isn't a way around this. I really hope they fix this soon.
This annoyed me initially as well but I've come around to thinking that it is a good idea for two reasons. Firstly for security reasons, if someone finds a lost phone and i call it to see if someone has found it then i wouldn't want them to be able to use the phone afterwards if screens unlocked. Secondly it prevents me accidentally putting phone with unlocked screen into pocket after finishing a call.
It's so bloody annoying I could scream (mind you, if I was screaming down the phone to an X10 user they wouldn't hear cos the earpiece is crap).
Come on APP writers, get this one sorted cos SE aint gonna!
Why not try lock bot pro? It replaces the lock. Haven't actually noticed what it does after a call. I'll keep an eye out for it.
It's not a 'problem' or an 'issue' or even a 'fault', it's a characteristic of the handset and if you don't like this feature just download an unlock/lock app.
I can confirm that i've tried everything, but it always locks after you've made or received a call, just another annoying little stupid thing.

They should have called this phone the 'Almost there' not the Xperia.
i was so angry about that lock after every call till i found that widget u can down load it from the market (lock screen switch, and ur promblem will end
When i had my x10 i thought the lock after call is ******ed, what a stupid idea, and there seems to be no way to turn it off.
Hello everyone. Your Android phones have two screen related settings. THE FIRST is called Display. In ''Display', you set things like brightness, font, etc. Here, you also set the Screen timeout (a battery saving feature). Mine is set to 5 minutes.
THE SECOND is ''Lock Screen''. Here, You set your PIN, or password. Lower down (in Lock screen) You get the ''Lock Automatically'' setting. Mine is set to 5 seconds meaning Screen will be locked 5 seconds after Screen automatically turns off. If I make a call longer than 5 minutes my screen will timeout after 5 minutes as I continue that callon that call (whilst the rest of the phone will function as expected.) When I finish the call, my phone will lock straight away - in line with my settings.
There seem to be two ways to resolve the Screen locking after call problem which I've yet to test.
PRECAUTION 1 is to Go to Settings/ Display and to select ''Smart Stay''. This ensures screen stays on as long as you're looking at it and PRECAUTION 2 to set Screen timeout to the max. available value (10 min. On jellybeans 5.0).
PRECAUTION 3 is to exit Display and go in to the Lock Screen settings and set the ''Lock Automatically'' to the max. 30 minutes. What that does, is set your phone to lock 30 minutes after the initial 10 minute time-out. So, I reckon that if your call lasts 15 minutes, it shouldn't lock as described. However, if your call lasts 45 minutes, it'll lock straight after you end the call.
ALSO, the reason your phone's lock after calls is to ensure security as you've set PIN'S & passwords for a reason. That precludes a robber or work colleague getting in to your phone for a nosey after they answer your phone for you ''in good faith''.
Hope this helps.
Hello everyone. I have test results to share with you following on from my long post above.
With a PIN or a password in place, your phone will lock regardless of whether it it is straight after a call or not - unless properly set.
TEST 1: I have set my Display to 15 seconds and my Lock Screen to 30 minutes. I then started the timer (using the clock app). After 15 seconds the screen timed out. Pressing the Home button took me back to where I was. The screen lock did not initiate.
TEST 2: I have left my Display timeout at 15 seconds and set my Lock Screen to 15 seconds. I then activated the stopwatch (via the clock app). As above, the screen timed out after 15 sec. and pressing the Home button took me back to where I was last, as long as I pressed the Home button within the Lock Screen 15 second window. Giving it a 2nd go but pressing the Home button after the Lock Screens 15 second lock window had lapsed took me to a locked screen as expected.
TEST 3: Assessing the relevance and usefulness of the Smart Stay feature. Both my Screen Timeout and Lock Screen times were left at 15 seconds - as in Test 1 and 2 - but with Smart Stay activated. I activated the stopwatch. The screen did not time out and neither did the handset lock.
The three tests prove solving the phone lock problem lies in getting the settings right. For examples, keep reading!
AAA: If your calls last 15-25 minutes a pop, set your Screen Timeout to 5 min. and Lock Screen to 30 min. if you don't want it to lock.
BBB: If you talk long, set Screen timeout to the max. available 10 min. and your Screen Lock to the max. available 30 minutes for a total of 40 minutes to avoid locked phone after your call.
CCC: If you're likely to talk longer than 40 min. you have 2 options: (a) to be okay with your screen locking immediatdly after that call, or (b) you'd have to make sure you've got smart stay on and your handset is in front of you, so, face-to-face in stead of at your ear so the sensor can detect your face. (If you don't know what I mean, Google Smart Stay. A short explanation of what it does is shown in your settings anyway.)
Amazing what looking at your phone settings can do for you. Hope you found this useful.