Help Phone Marks and Xmarks problems


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I'm using Google chrome browser on my personal Mac Book Air and several different Windows machines. To keep my bookmarks in sync across these machines I installed Xmarks.

I also have a Nexus S, and to sync my bookmarks between it and my Air I installed PhoneMarks.

A few of my bookmarks are replicating. It seems to be occurring with the ones in my folders and chrome's default "other bookmarks" folder.

Please advise.



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Smileman, you might want to try the app 'Chrome to phone' on your Nexus S. This is Google's own application and extension which should sync the bookmarks from your phone to Chrome instantly. I think it's better to use Google's than a third party.


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I use Chrome to Phone, but I don't think it syncs bookmarks. It just seds whatever web page you're looking at on your desktop/laptop to your Nexus S.

I've since uninstalled Xmarks and Phonemarks. Chrome and the Android browser on the Nexus S should really have full sync built in. I know that my Chrome folders aren't being synced.

Hopefully perfect syncing between Chrome & Android will come soon.
To sync your chromes on your computers use the built in Google thing. Just sign in with your google address on all your chrome browsers and it will sync your bookmarks, folders, passwords, extensions ect between each chrome