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phone memory full after fresh install

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by quicksilver74, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. quicksilver74

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    ok, i'm fairly new to the whole rooting thing but i managed to get my Evo rooted with unrevoked and then loaded Fresh 3.3 on it a week or so later. i did a couple of back ups using titanium back up, one of the stock ROM and one with the fresh ROM. i kept these on the SD card but i think i should move them to my computer b/c they are large files.

    what should i have done once i installed Fresh 3.3? is there something on the root of the SD card i should have deleted? i dont have the space to update to the fresh 3.4 right now and would liek to get it updated ASAP.

    i know i'm missing something so if anyone can point me in teh right direction i would appreciate it!


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  2. If you back up your ROM and have the original .zip file on your SD card, then you just have a redundant data taking up twice as much space as it should. I keep all of my ROMs, kernels, themes, etc. in a folder on my computer, then add what I need to my phone to flash it. Create a nandroid of a stable ROM, keep it on your phone, then move the Fresh .zip back off of your phone. Hope that makes sense.

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