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My droid 4 doesn't seem to be going into sleep mode anymore. The battery details chart shows its awake for the entire time. BetterBatteryStats shows *sync*, .gms.fitness_Account, and .gms.confirm_Account as keeping the phone on for 33% each. I couldn't find anything about those on google. I tried turning off location services in google settings, but that doesn't seem to have helped. Any ideas?

Mr. Lucky

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It sounds like you have a wrong version of Google Play Services installed.
Try going into Settings > Manage apps, and "Uninstall updates" for it.


For some reason this forum lets you start topics without an account but doesn't let you reply without one.... Anyway I gave that a try and it seems to have worked after a reboot. Thanks


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Yes, that's just the way this section works. I'd have to ask the forum admin for the back story, but my guess is that they don't want replies to be a free-for-all for unregistered members as that would be an open invitation for drive-by spammers. And since there's no reliable way of checking that an unregistered member is the same person who posted the original question (most won't have static IPs) it's simplest to require registration to reply.

That's my theory anyway. Glad your problem is fixed, and welcome to the forum :)