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Phone not charging

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 4, 2014.

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    I have a Galaxy GT- S5690. Recently I started having trouble charging it. Until it stopped charging all together. I tried bending the cable this way and that in case the connection was loose and this seemingly worked after a minute but even then when it seems to bring up the battery charging icon and seems to be charging it is now still dead when I remove it from the charger.
    I have a friend with same phone and we are swapping batteries daily as his phone charges my battery fine. But this is inconvenient.
    I assumed the problem was the connection as I said yet after some consideration I've decided that if I can wiggle the cable end and get a picture of a battery with dots moving left to right on the phone screen indicating it is charging then it SHOULD in fact be charging. When I put it on charge before it has died it can say 'USB connected' and 'phone is charging'! So I reason the connection is okay.
    I'm starting to thing that it is a software problem as the battery clearly accepts a charge from my friends phone. I read one thread that suggested getting rid of photos and info on phone and then resetting phone to default settings. It sounds more on track. However I have text messages I need to keep and don't know how to save them. If anyone has suggestions about resetting phone and about how to save text messages OR perhaps another theory about why the phone isn't accepting a charge then I'd be grateful. Cheers Alex


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