Jan 4, 2011
When I'm on my Nexus 5 home screen the phone should be listening for "OK Google", but it doesn't. I'm running snapdragon batteryguru. Could this have turned off this feature? Any way I can see what batteryguru has turned off?
Easiest thing to check is to make sure you have the listening on. Hold down a place where there isn't a widget on the home screen and go into the settings menu
Have you actually tried saying OK Google? Or are you just looking for the text prompt, because that's temporary
In addition, after setting Language to U.S. English, you'll get lots more information than if you type in commands via it's region specific settings.

I used to despise Siri, conversely I love and use Google Now daily.

It rapidly continues to become more useful the more you use it. After just one week it's a very impressive tool for more uses than I would have imagined. I can only imagine how great it will be in another month.
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