Phone not sleeping (using 2.1 leak)


Ok. So I had just posted on these forums about my phone not sleeping. That was with 1.5. The next day, I put the 2.1 leak on my phone. And that seemed to fix the problem and the phone's up time was far greater than its awake time.

A couple days later - and once again, the up and awake times are the exact same and my battery seems to be going down faster.

I've been poking around for any other posts with the same issue - but haven't found any. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

Otherwise, 2.1 has been great. It's just this one... last... thing...

JB in AZ

Android Expert
Did you install the same apps you had with 1.5? I bet one of these apps is the cause. Try uninstalling one at a time and testing it. Be sure to reboot after uninstalling. This may take a few days.


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I actually installed the applications one by one, to make sure the phone would still sleep. And hadn't installed any new ones. What I DID do - was put in a different battery and re-booted the phone.

Is it possible that it wasn't until I rebooted that one of the applications started to become a problem when it wasn't before?

Also, when I was on 1.5 - I uninstalled all of the apps I had installed, but STILL the phone wouldn't sleep until I did a factory reset. I'm hoping to avoid that in this case.

Thanks for the help!