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phone not working

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by erckman, Apr 23, 2012.

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    My phone is the Samsung epic 4g (galaxy S) not the epic touch, mine has a keyboard. I used rom manager to go to a rom called ERA, i did not wipe the dalvik cache before and upon starting i had tons of force close errors. I said screw it i just want it back to the way it was before so i restored to a backup i made before changing the rom, it was the original rom. But I did not wipe any data before hand. I got soft bricked and stuck on the samsung.com screen. I tried to restore from the back up again and noticed it was saying system image not found, data not found skipping, it couldnt find anything. So I used a Odin3 one click downloader and thought that it worked universally to bring it back to stock factory mode and all i had to do was click start while in downloading mode which i did. It completed, the program said pass. I tried turning it on but I was hardbricked, nothing happened. I ordered a usb jig on amazon but its not coming til may 14-june6 which is ridiculous. even worse Im not sure if the jig is even going to work. So I spoke with a samsung live chat person telling her the phone is just dead she said im still under the 1 year warranty and I can send it in. SOOOOO:

    1. Is samsung gonna check my phone to see if it was rooted so they can send it back and give me the finger?

    2. Is samsung just gonna chop it and send me a new one without checking mine?

    3. Should I wait for the the jig even though its gonna take forever and might not work?

    4. Should I make a jig myself (assuming ill actually be able to do it), and if it doesnt work (meaning it doesnt put it into download mode) send it to samsung hoping that the flash counter was reset?
    But then i have to buy a souldering iron and wires and stuff, which im too lazy to do.

    Whats the best option here?? :(

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