Android Enthusiast
Apr 10, 2011
So, about a month ago, my phone was getting so hot. I brought it to Best Buy and they replaced it. Now, the other day, I was downloading a game (over 1 GB) and I was only on a data connection (on vacation) and I took a nap. When I awoke, the phone hit more than 152 degrees!!! I didn't think this phone could go above 131 degrees. I even took a screenshot. Anyway, since then, whenever I am not connected to Wi-Fi, the phone gets really hot. Is it possible that my battery has been the culprit all along?
it seems that the battery may be the culprit, maybe its an app constantly sending information.... look to see what apps are running, if no apps are really running so to speak, then it might be your battery.
a good way to test is to find someone with the same phone you trust, and exchange batteries for the day, or a few hours and test it that way