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phone petition:

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ionekoa, Aug 11, 2010.


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  1. ionekoa

    ionekoa Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    been looking at features that should be standard on phones, the basics that dont seem to be so basic right now(ok, the worldphone thing isnt basic, but from what i've seen in forums a LOT of people would like to see it standardized). it is not specific to any carrier or manufacturer(i do mention HTC phones, specifically for comparison sake). please sign on, my hopes are that it can then be sent on to several manufacturers(provided enough people show support) and that said manufacturers will improve their offerings.

    my own thoughts

    compiled while reading through suggestion forums, with my own interpretations.

    not my own thoughts; found in forums

    1) the technology is out there now to make water-proof electronic devices without making them bulky or heavy. the digital camera industry has been developing and implementing this for some time now. please follow suit. the ability to not have to worry about dropping my phone in a puddle or some lummox spilling their drink on it while it's on the table would be great.

    2) front facing cameras: please make them standard.

    3) processors: stay ahead of the curve. unless you are just trying to throw out something for the pre-pay crowd, there is no reason to use processors that are slower than the current standard(which i believe is 1Ghz, moving to 1.2Ghz)

    4) onboard memory: should be measured in GB, preferably double digits. but honestly 8GB would be a good basement. this is in addition to, not in place of an SD slot.

    5) radios: please include CDMA and GSM to enable global use(keeping up with changing standards of course in the move to 4G). this is a suggestion that seemed universal in the other threads i read. WIFI:time to add wireless N. FM radio as well please.

    6) size matters: i like the features on the EVO 4G, however, it's a bit too large for my taste and the kickstand seems to me to be just another bulky moving part. i like the way my Hero feels and stows. i dont want a big-screen TV, i want a smartphone. i know that a LOT of people will dissagree with me on this one, but im sure there are those who will agree as well.

    7) twin phones: i know that there are a lot of people who cant live without a physical keyboard. i cant live with one. the Hero can be credited for this, smooth, sleek and the keyboard not only works great but can be replaced with a simple trip to the "market". that said, it would be wonderful if similar phones could be released with the key difference being one has a physical keyboard and one does not.

  2. Isthmus

    Isthmus Android Expert

    Any chance you could edit your thoughts to black font only? Your multicolor post is painful to read. As for your points.

    #1 - How much of an issue is this for most users?

    #2 - Good idea

    #3 - There are real limits caused by what chipmakers can supply and at what prices. Most manufacturers are pushing up to the standard for a reason.

    #4 - Agree. That said, 2.2 and forward allows you to store applications in your SD card. I would prefer a secondary SD card slot so you could double up on memory.

    #5 - in some areas multi-band is a need, in others not so much. I don't think most people use a radio and those who do get better service from streaming stations. I agree that wireless N is needed.

    #6 - You are right, Most would disagree. Still it's nice to have options (something you don't get with an Iphone).

    #7 - Seems cost prohibitive from the manufacturer's POV, especially when you consider the shelf life of some of these products.
  3. marefin

    marefin Android Enthusiast

    That green color font nearly took my eyes out.

    I agree with all of them but #7 doesn't seem like it's very necessary. Like Isthmus said, it would cost more for the manufacturers to make a second version with a keypad than it is really worth. The waterproof feature would be nice because even tho I'm careful with my phone, that mindset that I MIGHT drop it in the toilet is always there :p

    edit: tho i'm not sure i would want to use the phone (if it was waterproof) after i dropped it in the toilet [​IMG]
  4. ionekoa

    ionekoa Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    an issue? depends on how many peoples phones have been ruined by liquids. not sure, but more and more people are wanting sturdier phones. for me personally i would love to take it camping(for GPS and camera use), so while i wouldnt call it an issue i would call it a desirable feature. bearing in mind, that here #1 im not even talking about being rugged, just having a standard of quality that will protect the phone should it come into contact with liquids.

    i dont see any reason internal memory, and dual SDs cant both be added. for the purposes of the petition however, internal memory what most people look at. the average consumer would probably see having to buy a second SD card as too much of an inconvenience. yes, sadly we are that lazy.

    streaming stations are great on the go, most gyms however use FM frequencies for their TVs and other audio for people while they work out. this is a personal desire of mine, and i think, for the average person would be another leg up on competitors for people who want to multipurpose their phones(albeit a small one).

    #7 i can concede the costs, however, if i had my way i would do away with physical keyboards completely. that was more of a compromise than anything, since there are a lot of people out there, that for reasons i cant begin to comprehend still insist that a physical keyboard is necessary.

  5. Isthmus

    Isthmus Android Expert

    IN a way it is true, but a lot of people prefer physical keyboards to virtual ones. I know my wife does. I prefer virtual ones for most uses, but find them to be a pain in the but for typing passwords, and a monumental pain to use for editing already written text. For those two uses, at least for me, a physical keyboard always trumps a virtual one. That said, I think I use my virtual keyboard for 90% of everything I do in my phone that requires typing.

    Virtual keyboards have improved a great deal over the past year and only seem to be getting better.
  6. marefin

    marefin Android Enthusiast

    Swype is the way of the future, until voice to text gets perfected and then eventually "thought to text." So I fully support doing away with physical keyboards. Out of curiosity how many people actually use Swype for text input?

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