Help Phone randomly reboots, sometimes during calls.

Hi there guys,

I'm having issues with my stock Galaxy S2. It's really, really starting to make me angry. The phone will randomly reboot whenever it sees fit. Sometimes this happens when I'm doing nothing with the phone in my pocket, sometimes it happens when I'm in the middle of a call. This is infuriating. I deleted apps and am down to just things that I have purchased from the app store (about one page of games) and things that came on the phone. Do you guys have any ideas what might be causing this behaviour? I do not have a task killer installed, as I read that might be a contributing issue.

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It could be due to a loose battery connection. Wrap a piece of paper around the bottom of the battery and put it back in, this should stop any movement. It could also be due to your firmware. I used to have the problem quite allot on older firmware but not any more. If your firmwares old it may be worth updating.


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I am also betting on a loose battery, at least I hope so as it could be a hardware problem where the power is being interrupted in another location. I would replace the phone ASAP if you have that option!


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I don't know if replacement is an option since I've had it for a couple months. Further complicated by the fact that I live in Japan, and am not fluent in Japanese. Frankly, I wouldn't mind switching to a different model while I'm at it if it's an option.

I will try the things you guys mentioned. I did a factory reset yesterday, and it didn't seem to help. as today it displays the same behaviour.
I'm running Android 2.3.5 Kernel version #2 Build Number GINGERBREAD.OMKJ4 if that helps.

update: Battery is secure and device is still restarting randomly.