Help Phone Rebooting & temp high on battery


Hey Guys

Just picked up my brand new HTC One X yesterday.. seemed fine yesterday but today it is just randomly restarting.. sometimes it will be 10 mins before a restart then it will last half an hour etc.

I have a battery widget installed and its showing the battery tempo up aroud 30 - 32 degrees C .. and back of phone is warm... I'm presuming I have a faulty handset and its rebooting cos of battery temp correct? I did the usual... uninstalled all apps, factory reset etc but its still the same.

Anyone know if it def is a hardware fault? just wondering what I'm looking at when I take it back to the shop... whether I'll get a straight replacement or they start messing me around saying they'll send it for repair etc.

I'm with T mobile




The normal temperature of my battery seems to be around 28, and rises steadily up to about 42/43 at which point the phone stops detecting the Sim card, as the temp start to drop after a restart the SIM works ok again. So, your temp seems ok, although the rebooting not so.


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They should replace it for you. Give HTC a call first and see what they say. If it isn't normal (which I'm sure it isn't) they should tell you to take it back and have it replaced. They did with mine when I was having trouble with the wi-fi.