Hi all

Here's my problem of the week:

When I connect the USB lead to my PC, all is fine with the world, the "three pronged" USB symbol appears in the top left of the screen and I can "mount" it.

Now, if I have just turned the phone on, I can mount/unmount with no problems, as I did last night, couldn't recreate the "fault" I am about to describe.

Went to bed, got up, plugged in to laptop, three pronged fork appears in the top left, select mount, SE logo fills screen, phone has a soft reboot and asks for the PIN for the SIM card.

Now, rather than the three pronged fork, I get an ! in a triangle icon, but can still mount/unmount.

So the question is, why does the phone sometimes reboot when I mount the USB and then why does it appear as an ! after this.

It never appears to reboot when it is an !, only a three pronged fork., and to restore the USB fork icon, I have to switch off and on again.

Any ideas?

The triangle with the exclamation point is the USB debugging icon.

USB debugging can be turned on/off through Menu -> Settings -> Application Settings -> Development.

The triangle with the exclamation point is the USB debugging icon.

USB debugging can be turned on/off through Menu -> Settings -> Application Settings -> Development.


Thanks for your assistance Mike, the USB debugging was already off, should it be on?

Just now when I mounted, the phone was in ! mode and rebooted, so it's not "USB Symbol" specific, although this time when it rebooted, it came up with the correct icon.

Also, experiments have shown it makes no odds if the card is mounted/unmounted previously.
Can you post a list of applications you've installed? I don't know if it will help, but I'm sure I must have installed something that made this happen, as I've been through all the settings etc. and nobody here has been able to shed any light (yet!)

I have a LOT of applications installed, but some new ones are:
-Advanced Task Killer Free
-ADW Launcher
-LED Light
-Phandroid News

P.S. This only recently started happening after I installed ubuntu on my pc and mounted the phone from within it - could this be the problem?

Also, Quick Settings has been playing up, with it saying no APN configured, even after I re-download them. (Maybe due to APNDroid?)

I too have the same solution as you - now there are no reboots, with a triangle replacing the three-pronged fork. (Also a USB debugging one.) The problem doesn't seem to be related to ADB, as it only occurs with a USB mount.

The only things I can think of, are to format the sd card and/or reflash your phone.
Maybe I'll try uninstalling the driver on my PC, if not..... wait and see if a solution is posted. I've not got any of those apps running.

Does yours do it every time? Mine doesn't!

Mine does it everytime, so its probably a running application causing it.

Do you use ADW launcher?
Same here, and i have found that with one more reboot the triangle icon goes back to the normal usb one again. The only thing i can think of is perhaps if we were all to use ATK to kill everything immediately prior to whenever we plug into usb, and report back here if the issue still raises its head?

ADD: Just thinking, maybe the cause could be that something is running which is accessing the sd card at the point when we attempt to mount it?
i too hav jus started to get this tonite, the only app iv installed today is "blink" for the led notification, is this jus coincidence, it re-booted the phone first time but not the second time i plugged up, which its never done in the 2 weeks of me having the phone,

does any one else hav this app installed ?