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Support Phone/ Recovery Companies that are Safe?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Feb 17, 2016.

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    Desire Eye,.

    On the 29th/1/2016 ( Four weeks ago) My phone was wiped. I do not know whether this was a Factory Reset or my Device is Faulty. ( I do get ' Send Report to HTC to repair my Messages app. )

    I'm not sure if I'm insured with a mobile phone retailer ( Such as Carphone Warehouse ) and I didn't back up with the Cloud ( I have Backed up to the Cloud recently on the Wiped out phone but I can't see or find anything in my Google Drive?...) ( I know,I know, silly me -_-)

    I have heard there are Phone Recovery Programs which can recover Data ( Wondershare Dr Fone For Android ) And Recuva( Rooted) can Recover Data..

    I've heard that using the phone and rooting it post-wiped can overwhite some files that were previously on my phone... So i've stopped using my phone as much.

    I want to Root, but i'm scared that Rooting will only overwrite more files( as I was warned )

    I tried Wondershare Dr Fone on a Free Trial but it only showed up photos that I took after post-wiping. It did say to recover these photo and more I would have to pay.

    I am worried because I do not trust easily on the Internet and it is very expensive.

    So, i'm wondering is there a Legitimate Phone Company that deals with these types of things that I can phone or visit or basically, A company that is not based primarily online ( if you get my drift) I do not mind paying I just want it to be legitimate.

    Is there any other companies I can physically direct in the UK that deals with recovering data / this sort of thing? I know Law Enforcent or someone out there can recover the data but I don't know who to go to. Many thanks.


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