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phone refused to make calls, had service

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by killtheaquitted, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. killtheaquitted

    Thread Starter

    I had a weird issue that has sprung up twice now with making phone calls and I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. Visually everything looks like it is functional with my phone service on the phone. I have bars, nothing out of the ordinary. However, I can't make any outbound calls either through my contacts or by manually dialing. I the number pad and it makes the response noise but doesn't actually type the number. In contacts, I hit call and the same thing happens. The fix I have found is just to soft boot the phone. Now I hear you all saying "No big deal, just restart." Yeah, it is no big deal unless I have to make a call in an emergency say calling 911 or things of that nature. Waiting for 5 minutes for my phone to reboot in an emergency can cost lives. I know I am being a little dramatic, but c'mon, at the end of the day, it is a phone and it is having trouble making calls.

    PS I really do love my hero

  2. romeosidvicious

    romeosidvicious Android Enthusiast

    I have not seen this happen. Do you have any third party apps that access the dialer?
  3. killtheaquitted

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    possibly. I have around 60 apps so I am sure a few have access to the phone. I will look and see.

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