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Phone Screen Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scott5870, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. scott5870

    scott5870 Lurker
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    My Wife and I both have Droid Bionic phones but there is problem with her phone when she places a phone call either from the dialer screen or contacts

  2. You could ...

    Do a rest/reboot by removing the back, remove the battery, make sure the SD Card and SIM cards are firmly and squally seated, replace the battery, replace the back, power on.

    Turn off ... Settings | Display | In-pocket detection .

    Does it have a case and/or screen protector installed. If yes ... try removing them.

    Are you running 5.5.886 or 5.5.893? Upgrade to 5.5.893 if you haven't already.

    ... Thom
  3. Bionic2

    Bionic2 Newbie

    I had a similar problem. I bought a cheap screen protector that covered the sensor on top of the phone. The screen would be black during a call until I pressed the top button. I had to cut the screen protector on top where the sensor is. Took care of the problem.
  4. ... and I don't use a screen protector. The User's Guide says that a screen protector can cause problems (even a CLEAR one).

    ... Thom

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