Jul 8, 2013
I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is with verizon. I can stand by a person with a different provider in the place where I work and they get full signal on their phone and I get nothing what can I do to pick up the signal from another provider. Does unlocking the phone make this happen.
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I'm not familiar with unlocking a phone for Verizon since it is CDMA and doesn't use a sim. I'm not sure how that would work.

You could try settings > connections > More networks > Mobile networks > Data roaming, if Verizon has roaming. If so, there may be an extra charge. I'm sure some of the Verizon owners here can probably answer better.
If you just got the phone, take it back to the store, they may give you another to try. If not, tell them you want out of the contract. You can bail out of contract within a certain amount of time if not happy with service. Then you can try another provider that gives good service at work, home, etc.