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Phone shut off randomly. Flashes LG logo and won't power on.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by InciteHysteria, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. InciteHysteria

    Thread Starter

    Earlier tonight my phone shut off randomly. I definitely noticed a countdown sequence in a small box but I had no clue what it was about. When I went to turn my phone back on the LG logo would flash. The problem is that this doesn't happen consistently. I have attempted multiple things to get this running again. I removed the battery for a few minutes and placed it back in. Upon returning it to the phone it would show the LG logo and then go black for a moment and again show the LG Logo with animation this time. Promptly going to a black screen after and not doing anything.

    I attempted holding home, volume down (and up) and power. This would take me to a hard reset screen but only momentarily. If I attempted to push power to accept the reset the screen would just go black again and the device off. The screen just doesn't react or stay on long enough to do anything. When I plug the power in I just get the home button blinking green.

    What can I do?

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  2. WarrantyVoider

    WarrantyVoider Android Enthusiast

    You can try to "unbrick" with a correct KDZ file to fully restore the firmware. If there are no hardware issues, the unbricking procedure should fix the software. Good luck.
  3. rachid

    rachid Member

    hi, i have the exact same issue with lg optimus f6 from t-mobile, the problem the phone won't let you do anything, it shuts off right away after a few seconds on, i can get to hard reset mode and emergency (download) mode but same it shuts off after a short moment (1 or 2min at best) before you can flash any file.
    it's not a battery issue i tried three of them.
    i am suspecting a hardware problem but i'm not sure, any help will be welcome.
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  4. WarrantyVoider

    WarrantyVoider Android Enthusiast

    I am not certain but it does sound like a hardware issue. Could be some flaky component on the circuit board. Or maybe the power key gets sticky or stuck. Hopefully it's a fixable problem for you and someone can give you some ideas. Good luck.
  5. WarrantyVoider

    WarrantyVoider Android Enthusiast

    Are they all old batteries?
    Thinking about your problem today, I remember I have an old Garmin GPS that has trouble powering on when on battery. So with the phone completely off (remove and then reinsert the battery to reset everything), connect the phone to a charger without using the power button to power on. Do you get the large green battery icon after it boots up in charging mode? Let the phone charge for a few minutes. Try to boot up by pressing the power button. Does it still shut off before booting finishes?

    Maybe it's not the battery as you've said. But I think battery and flash memory are two things likely to break down due to age and wear, and a problem with either could prevent the phone from booting up properly. Just trying to offer some ideas. Good luck.
  6. rachid

    rachid Member

    Thanks but the batteries are good, used with no problems on other devices. actually the power button is useless, i have to take out the battery and reinsert it then the phone flashes the logo twice for few seconds and shuts off.
    it doesn't charge when connected, no big green battery icon on the screen, nothing just dead.
    i hope it's not the motherboard.
  7. WarrantyVoider

    WarrantyVoider Android Enthusiast

    Do you mean when you reinsert the battery the phone powers on by itself (and then shuts itself off)? Originally I wondered whether the problem is the power button being stuck or sticky. Normally, when you just insert the battery and not touch the power button, the phone should stay off. If you press the button, the phone boots up in regular boot mode as we'd expect. If, instead, you connect to a charger without pressing any button, the phone should boot in charging mode. If, say, the power button is stuck (even if physically it looks normal), it would make sense that the phone powers on when the battery is inserted. I don't know about this phone, but on some devices, when the power button is held down for a long time, the device would power down. That might explain why the phone shuts off after a few seconds.

    I don't know whether these apply to the F6, but I found two videos regarding the power button issue with Nexus 5:

    Anyway, other than the power button and the battery, I am out of ideas. I hope you're able to find a solution.
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  8. rachid

    rachid Member

    Thank you for uploading the videos, they did actually help, i found out the culprit is power button, i had to hit
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  9. rachid

    rachid Member

    Ihad to hit the phone hard on my palm on the power button side and miraculously turned on and worked for a while.
    But it can shut off at any moment again so it's not stable.
    Good thing is we know the cause of problem, we must replace power button which is a pain if you happenned to take apart this phone.
    I'm. Talking about the inside component not exterior plastic cover.
    Hope that helps:) :) :)
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  10. rachid

    rachid Member

    i managed to pull out the power button component from the mother board, not easy task must be skilled and careful using soldering iron. didn't replace it because very tiny and tricky, didn't want to mess up the circuit.
    the phone works normally now, i use a screenoff app from play store to turn off the screen and home button to turn it on.
    also to power on the phone if it turns off just plug the charger and insert the usb cable to the phone, as soon as the lg logo splash on the screen pull out the usb cable from the phone and it goes straight to home screen.
    if you leave the cable inserted it won't work, it ends up on battery icon screen with phone still off.
    i rooted and installed a custom rom and it works like a charm now.
    LIFE IS GOOD!!!;):D:)
  11. WarrantyVoider

    WarrantyVoider Android Enthusiast

    If your rom supports it, you can try LG's KnockON feature. For the F6 (other LG phones may have different implementations), you use your knuckle or fingernail to lightly double-tap on the back or the side of the case to wake the phone. You can also knock on the screen, but I don't like to hit the screen. To turn the screen off, double-tap on any part of the screen that doesn't normally trigger an action. I've been using this feature to reduce wear and tear of my phone's physical buttons.
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  12. rachid

    rachid Member

    Indeed the rom is xperion, mostly stock trimmed, it has knockOn feature, very convenient, allows me to save some storage, thanks for the tip!
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