phone silencer that does this


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I've tried a few of the phone silencer apps and they have all been OK but not exactly what I am looking for.
My phone is the HTC One V and the two settings I use the most for the ringer are SILENT and SOUND+VIBRATE.

The apps I have tried will toggle nicely from Silent to Sound but I've yet to find one that gives the option to toggle from Silent to Sound+Vibrate.

Can anyone point towards one that can do that?



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I won't say that an app like that doesn't exist, but I've only ever seen it as a system option offered from custom ROMs.


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If you use a 3rd party lock screen like Widget Locker you can set a slider up that will do that on your lock screen.


I second smart volume control +. I've been messing around with it ever since Rodster shared it in another topic. It's great for everything volume based and you can mess with just about every single thing.