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Phone Slow after Froyo?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by milellie111, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. milellie111

    milellie111 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey, I installed Froyo earlier today manually. I am trying to see where this speed increase is because right now,as it has been all day,my phone lags,it takes forever for my icons on my home screen to come up when I exit an application,and I don't notice the browser being faster.it seems less responsive to touch(not like that with 2.1)and it has locked up a couple of times. What is going on?I thought froyo should make it run smoother?and I have done a couple of battery pulls already.

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  2. bilbravo

    bilbravo Member

    Maybe do a factory reset. My was really slow until it all loaded up, and now it is very smooth.
  3. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast

    I haven't tried the official OTA personally, but my experience with custom 2.2 roms has been that the initial boot and system setup takes some time.

    However, since you have restarted several times, it may be that your installation was corrupted in some way. You might consider reinstalling the update or wiping the system.
  4. swr2000

    swr2000 Member

    If you do the factory reset does it put you at 2.1 or 2.2?
  5. klwheat

    klwheat Well-Known Member

    If you've already installed 2.2....a factory reset should put you back to 2.2 without any mods you've done.

    Did you wipe the data and cache before installing? This has cause many people's issues with lag on here. Try a factory reset, and make sure you let it load up. If that doesnt work, try reflashing the rom making sure you wipe first.
  6. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

  7. milellie111

    milellie111 Member
    Thread Starter

    What is up with the touchscreen after Froyo? It seems way less responsive especially on this website. Also,has any one noticed their homescreen icons not appearing for a while at times?
  8. escuccim

    escuccim Lurker

    I'm having all sorts of problems since forcing an upgrade to what is allegedly the official Verizon froyo release. Touch screen unresponsive, home page takes forever to load, when phone syncs with Google everything else stops.

    Not running task killers but have system monitor running (System Panel) and everytime I look CPU is at or near 100%. Also keeps loading those apps I never wanted (MP3 store, corporate calendar, etc.) My memory also seems to run low because Dolphin HD seems to not have enough memory to keep a single page cached if I move to another tab.

    Very frustrated. If problems continue will likely do system restore and try again.
  9. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    Doing a fresh install and factory reset made my 2.2 run perfect...
  10. Vance

    Vance Android Enthusiast

    When you do a factory reset, do you have to reinstall your apps?
  11. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    Not with 2.2... It installed mine on sync...
  12. Genetic_Bloom

    Genetic_Bloom Well-Known Member

    I did, but some people haven't so I'm not sure what you'll end up with.
  13. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    I just waited, and during sync it added mine on its own....
  14. TharOosta

    TharOosta Well-Known Member

    Has anyone noticed they no have "shadow" icons? When you long press on an icon too movie it, it leaves an exact duplicate in that spot. Very annoying and stupid! This is just 1 of the many problems I'm having with the overrated Froyo.
  15. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    There are 2 OTA Updates being pushed out to users.

    Those that have ESE81 (aka 2.1 or 2.1 update 1) are being pushed out a smaller PTA update that patches your system to FRG01B.

    Those that are not on ESE81 are being pushed out a lerger update that simply erases your \System diretory and puts the entire FroYo 2.2 OS on your phone - also FRG01B.

    The end result is that regardless of which one you get, you end up with FRG01B.

    Everyone who gets this: I highly recommend that after upgrading you perform a factory reset and then activate and log in and re-set up your apps.

    If you do not perform a factory reset and set up all your apps again, then there are way too many variables that exist in terms of what could be causing problems, and it becomes extremely difficult to trace down.

    Besides, telling people to do the factory reset is what everyone is suggesting anyway, so since this update (these updates I should say) are not being pushed out everywhere, update, then factory reset - in that order.
  16. claydough85

    claydough85 Lurker

    If I reset, I know my contacts will be backed up via gmail. But do I have to reinstall all my apps individually, or are they grouped together and restored all at once?
  17. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    Do a setting backup before the hard reset (go to accounts, sync with google and facebook)... Then hard reset and once you activate then resync it will put your apps back on....

    I know others say its not necessary, but if you want your new Froyo to run well the hard reset to a fresh install is a must....
  18. Jay3

    Jay3 Android Enthusiast

    Wait -- apps are backed up on Google's servers? If I just sync with Google in the accounts menu, and then hard rest, it will pull my apps back up?

    I have at least one paid app. Does it remember that I bought it?
  19. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    It did for mine... I had Facebook, Vignette (paid), ESPN, DroidLight, SMS Popup, and some random other ones and I didnt have to reinstall them manually either time... Just had to sync, and may have signed in to market...
  20. mklear

    mklear Newbie

    If I do a factory reset what happens with the applications that have alot of data in them for example Touchdown email, will the information in the app's be backed up to? Also do we lose any apps that are no longer in the market (beautiful widgets), or applications I downloaded not through the market like flash or music junk?
  21. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    You only get back the apps... You would have to back up your info... The apps come right from the market as downloads so if you didnt get them from there they wont return... Sorry about that...

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