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Phone suddenly making multiple beeps on its own lasting 10 secs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lindamac, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Have owned the S2 for a week. Has worked like a dream. All of a sudden today, about 6 to 8 tiimes, the phone (when not in use) would make what sounded like a notification tone of a message, and then emitted a series of beeps...almost like a stuck key on a keyboard noise. This lasted 7 to 10 seconds each time, followed by another tone. First instance was this a.m. when it was still on the charger. I was home on my P.C....had phone on Wi FI. At first I thought it might be some interference with my having Yahoo Mail or Cable Company email open on the P.C. ?? It seemed to me at times as though there was also some vibrating happening (Sound setting was on max volume).

    Continued every couple of hours while at work.

    I checked the email right away each time to see if something had just arrived...but not the case. Did same check throughout the day...only once had there been a recently rec'd email.

    Last occurence was just before I put it on the charger this evening. Have not noticed it happening since.

    Anybody have anything like this ever happen?

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