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Phone tells me I'm in wrong time zone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Slash3040, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Slash3040

    Slash3040 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    This is a rather weird problem. All day it will be correct but when I get home to connect to the wifi, it will tell me I'm in Las Vegas. That's a 3 hour difference! My first thought was that the network was set up to -8 GMT and everything is set correctly. If I open any time of map or geotagging app, it will correct it. However if I open up the weather app it will put me back in Las Vegas again. Any ideas?


  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    If you're married or have a significant other, it's probably them manipulating your phone to give you the subtle hint that they want to go to Vegas.

    Kidding! Some people had this issue not too long after launch. If you took the update today, I believe they may have re-broken something that they fixed from the launch day patch. As frustrating as that can be.
  3. Slash3040

    Slash3040 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I was having this before the update. I just reset my router and so far so good. Fingers crossed!
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  4. pgus13

    pgus13 Well-Known Member

    A week and a half ago I had a doctor's appt and everything was fine until I was heading to my car and saw I was "in" San Jose, CA. I had it for a few hours then pulled the battery and it was gone. Weird!!
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  5. Slash3040

    Slash3040 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Idk why I never try a battery pull first.
  6. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    Lol, the battery pull for these phones is like the reboot of a pc. Don't know why it works and since I am a problem solver I have wasted way too much time trying to figure out the why on many occasions. I have grudgingly come to accept that it's just the way it is but it goes against my nature! ;)
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  7. marctronixx


    when you do a software reset, the handset still has power in it and thus keeps the flash memory running. if you have something that being a gremlin inside, the power from the battery is keeping it fed and alive..

    removing the battery removes ALL power and thus the flash memory will lose its charge and can not retain any temp settings and other nastiness that could be jamming up your device. leave it out for 2-5 minutes and to be sure. reinsert and boom. should be good to go.

    this has been happening since the palm and windows mobile days decades ago. also on the RIM handhelds.

    very simple explanation but that's the gist...
  8. Slash3040

    Slash3040 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Turns out it wasn't the phone at all. A buddy came to the conclusion that my access point was in Las Vegas whenever Google drove by and saved the MAC address. I attempted to flash 3rd party firmware to the WAP but I ended up bricking it so a new one is coming in the mail =D
  9. AndroidStyle

    AndroidStyle Lurker

    reset weather cache
  10. themuffinman75

    themuffinman75 Android Enthusiast

    I have had this happen to me as well but I wasn't on wifi, I was on sprints network. At the time I was in atlanta and my phone said I was in Vancouver Canada. When I opened google maps, it also showed that I was in Vancouver. Weird, but after a couple of battery pulls it didn't do it again.
  11. isaemm

    isaemm Android Enthusiast

    I too had this issue. I'm in Northern CA and my phone was saying that I was in NY and that it was snowing. It went away by itself but it was strange.
  12. ceabbott2

    ceabbott2 Well-Known Member

    I live about twenty minutes drive from the eastern/central time zone line. I remember after I rooted and started using Myn's Warm after a couple of days I kept getting an Eastern time zone but weather and city were accurate...should have tried the battery pull!). Tried the old manual time zone setting instead of Auto but if I leave town I'll be an hour behind. Anywho it started the time zone problem again after I flashed SteelH's most recent ROM. I think the only way I originally fixed the time zone issue was to use the odex Warm RLS1. I nandroided my Fresh 4.2.0 and time zone was fixed however Amazon Appstore won't let me log in... I think I'm going back to Warm R547 and I might give Eternity R79 a shot in between. I know the flashing is a problem. :) Wife, "Are you Messing with your phone AGAIN!"...Me, "Yes"...Wife, "I think I'm going to buy you another phone so I can actually CALL YOU!"


    Wished I would have tried the battery pull.

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