Phone thinks its charging, when its not


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Over the weekend my phone started to behave strangely.

I had an issue when upgrading to checkrom v6 & for the last week I was using the root kernel. I was getting good battery life, but then without a reason my battery was lasting less than a full day (on normal usage). I also noticed that when the phone WASN'T plugged in, that the battery graph showed it was plugged in. I would also get the plugged in beep at random times.

I flashed the siyah .14 kernel yesterday & all seemed well. But I have now, after being unplugged for 7 hours, received another 'plugged in' beep & the graph shows its charging again.

Anyone know what this can be related to?


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I'm guessing that it's a USB port problem as they can become filthy or even damaged over time.

Try using a toothbrush to gently and carefully clean out your USB port and see if that helps.


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This happens to my phone aswell. ATM i have Neat lite UHLPS installed and this happens. When i install XWLPG then then battery situation is fixed. Very strange, so i am thinking its either a ROM issue or kernal issue as the UHLPS has Siyah embedded.


It happen to me before i rooted the phone. My 9 mth old boy drooled all over the phone and it started happening. Then usb can't connect to pc. Tried cleaning it with contact cleaner to no avail. In the end had to send it back to samsung for repairs