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phone unlocks when i put it down :S

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Schwuar, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Schwuar

    Schwuar Member
    Thread Starter

    i noticed this awhile ago but it only did it every so often and i didnt have a pass lock on my phone so it didnt bother me although it was weird, now i have a pass lock and its quite concerning

    every now and then when i lock my phone and put it down it unlocks itself...

    any ideas?

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  2. Schwuar

    Schwuar Member
    Thread Starter

    bump.. any ideas cos its doing it more and more now

    p.s Happy New Year everyone
  3. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Android Enthusiast

    Factory reset?
  4. Schwuar

    Schwuar Member
    Thread Starter

    which option is it under? also will i be alright transferring my pics of my sd card and then back onto it once i have reset it or could there be something in the pics causing problems, same with music and films

    or does it not touch the SD card?
  5. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Have you checked if maybe one of the Motion Settings are enabled that's causing that to happen? To me, it sounds like you have the "quick glance" motion enabled. That's the only one that I can think would cause the phone to turn on when you set it down.


    Another thing that I'm wondering is, when you go to set the phone down, are you sure you're not actually tapping the home button because the home button actually takes the phone off standby (which is one of the things I'm trying to find a way to disable without root).
  6. Schwuar

    Schwuar Member
    Thread Starter

    yupp lock instantly is checked and nope motion is off, has done it a few more times over the last few days, its just weird
  7. Helenoftroy08

    Helenoftroy08 Android Enthusiast

    Wow that would freak me out! I just read about cases with magnets in it affecting the Note 2. Just out of curiosity do you have a case with magnets in it?
  8. Bodestone

    Bodestone Android Enthusiast

    Magnets would only affect the S-Pen as it has a small coil in it which would be disturbed by the magnet.

    Edit: and no, a reset/wipe would not touch the SD card but I would take a backup of the contents anyway on the off chance that the reset accidentally triggers a hidden tone that causes dogs in the area to inadvertently call down a rain of toads nearby thus triggering a stampede of maddened wilderbeast that trample the phone.

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