May 19, 2022
I currently have a Samsung Galaxy A11 and I cracked my screen. I have bought many "upgrades" in the past and they turned out to be worse that my original phone (speed, camera, storage, etc.), what would you all recommend as an upgrade in the $150 price range? I was thinking about grabbing something off of NewEgg, maybe even something refurbished if you all think that is a safe bet.

If there is nothing that would be too significant of an upgrade for that price, would you recommend just getting the screen replaced? Thanks.
Finding a good $150 phone that's going to be a viable, daily usage phone is going to be a challenge.
I'd really try to up that budget limit but if that's not an option, look into buying a phone through a carrier. If you're willing to sign into some kind of contractual limitation, a really good but carrier-locked phone can be bought at a substantial discount or even free (the issue being the carrier makes it money off of you over time instead of just a service contract.)
If you can spend a little more, try narrowing your search down using the 'Phone Finder' service at the gsmarena site:
yeah i was going to say good luck on finding anything decent at that price. with tech you get what you pay for. so anything at $150 is going to be that a phone that is only as good as $150......in other words, don't expect too much at that price.

i've always trusted cnet on their reviews and here is their list of budget phones for 2022: