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Phone upgrades....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 3ricG, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. 3ricG

    3ricG Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    This question isn't specifically about the thunderbolt, but I figured I could ask here anyway. I've noticed a lot of people saying they are going to upgrade their phones to the gnex. How are they eligible for an upgrade if the Thunderbolt came out in March? Are they just paying full price for the phone?

    I don't plan on upgrading, I'm just curious.

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  2. commander24

    commander24 Member

    for me, I have a family plan. Verizon allows you to transfer your upgrades around within the plan. Of course, I don't plan on upgrading either, very happy with my rooted TB.
  3. adamalter

    adamalter Member

    My wife and I got our TBolts the day they came out but for some reason I was eligible for an upgrade like a month later. I ended up using it so my wife could go back to the iPhone after hating her TBolt.

    Many people who are under contract with their TBolt are either outright buying the GNex, using an upgrade from another line, or getting a new contract for an additional line and paying for both, but taking the options off the unused one to get the price down.

    My son is wanting his first phone so I've considered giving him my TBolt and getting a GNex off a new contract for him but the quality of the camera and external speaker are big turn offs for me. Not that the camera and speaker suck, I was just hoping for OG speaker quality and iPhone camera quality in this new top end Google phone.
  4. matt0715

    matt0715 Guest

    Verizon just randomly reduced my upgrade date from November 2012 to now but I probably won't upgrade anyway

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