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Phone will NOT charge at all, sleeping issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by FluffyCatGirl1, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. FluffyCatGirl1

    Thread Starter

    It's gotten to the point where I have to carefully bend the end of the sideways and place my phone upside down in a cup for it, and jam the end into my phone just so it can hold in place. And even then most the time it just shows the ⚠️ symbol.

    It's basically a guessing game trying to get to hold charge at this point. I have no when we'll be able to obtain a new charger.

    Not only do I have an issue with the charger, the phone falls asleep about once a minute when its in my hand. I turned the activity sensor on, so I think it's a memory issue.

    I was wanting to see if I could take it to the shop to fix the charger hole/blackout issue but my parents tell me just to get a new phone.

    I'm the person that uses the absolute hell out of a device until it's very last leg (i.e. my 10 year old DSi) and the thought of having to purchase phone after phone in such a short time infuriates me, especially when the device still has alot of potential.

    Really sucks if I have to get a new phone after 2 years cause I JUST bought a case for it.

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  2. FluffyCatGirl1

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  3. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    Oooh goodness.. that looks like "the poptart screen" (of dying/death). Ok, so here's what I think may be a potential issue:
    • Bad USB cable
    • Bad USB port
    • Bad ribbon wire (connects the display to the motherboard)
    The 1st one, you can replace. The last 2, you'll need a new device (unfortunately). As for sleep issues, the biggest ones were caused by Facebook, Carrier specific apps, Amazon, etc.. apps that you've never opened will also keep the device awake in hopes that you'll mess with it more or open the one draining the battery. My solution is kinda harsh to most ppl but basically I just disable them in Settings/apps if I never used them to begin with or open them and them them Spam you with their relentless ads so you can finally tell the apps No or whatever ya need.
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  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I have had the same charging problems on a few phones. As bcrichster mentioned. A new USB cable can help. Although eventually the socket in my phones always die. New cable is short term bandaind aid on older phone. I'm actually on this forum today trying to get help recovering photos from my last phone. I'm and electrical engineer with 20+ years experience soldering motherboards etc, even I cant reliably change the USB port on a phone. Its a very tricky job and if I was charging hourly rate often cost more than new phone. While only offering 50% chance of not destroying phone during repair. I have sometimes been able to remove the battery and add a holder for 18650 battery's which can be removed to charge, but this is not pocket friendly and can confuse phones that monitor batterys closely, as the temperature sensor needs to be bypassed or tricked with a fake reading.There may be others with better experience that can deal with this kind of problem more successfully, but that's my experience.

    Sadly I think you should be making plans to save any un-replaceable data, Like photos and documents. While preparing for new phone.

    I recently got my first phone with USB type C. I'm hopeful this will be better that the older Micro style. Although as its new tech, not been around long enough for sufficient evidence to be collected on the lifetime of the port.

    I'd also advise deleting or disabling any background apps using up resources. This will also help extend you battery life between charges.

    If you get a new phone and want to get more life from the USB port. I'd advise trying not to move it around while charging. I used to kill ports faster when I hold phone while on charge, playing games or messaging, talking etc etc.. The cable is always getting moved a little and this puts extra wear on the USB. Recently I try to only charge with phone on a stable surface and do my best to avoid moving it of the cable around, or having the cable pulled tight or at funny angles. I think this helps a lot. I got just over 2 years out of my last one. Nearly twice what I got out of the 2 before.

    Wireless charging is a great option, but you pay significantly more for a phone that has it.

    I also find it sad that we can't have another way to charge. Unfortunately the huge amount of stuff on a phones main circuit board, combined with small package makes it really hard to have a replaceable charge socket. Its just really hard to get the socket replaced without damaging something else. And manufacturers wanting to sell phones don't get benefits from exploring better options. The best you can do is try to research a phone with quality parts or wireless chaging and treat it gently when USB cable is connected..
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  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Because of your accompanying screen issue, this post is of no value except as an insight into what an exciting life I lead :p

    I had my 1 year old Nokia repaired under warranty (very efficiently) because of the fiddling to hold the cable at an exact position.
    I had learned through Nokia forums it was a known issue with the charging port on mine and one or two other models where the port internally warped / expanded or loosened due to poor material etc.
    As soon as I mentioned to Nokia Chat support it seemed a known issue there were no more questions and they were terrific.

    This was also my first usb-c phone and I wasn't pleased, and never understood the need to replace the shape because some found putting the cable in one way was too much pfaff.

    I saw 2 videos where both the port and a charging board were replaced, but I didn't need to resort to that.

    It sounds like your port expanded or warped in some way.
    When I was having the issue I could bring up the full screen battery icon in Settings - Battery and if it turned Blue and said Charging it was charging in that position. If the home screen showed it was charging but the battery icon was white on the battery screen it wasn't charging, so the home screen / notification bar was lying :mad:

    I admire that you are young but want to keep using what you have.

    It does sound like a motherboard problem as the previous posters said, but maybe something is still repairable or salvageable.
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