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Phone Won't boot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sdot89, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Sdot89

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    Rooted & installed cmw recovery & CTmod ROM last night, everything went great.

    Left the phone on the charger all night while i was sleeping. As I woke up, it seemed really hot and kept showing a warning message, so I unplugged it. It was acting kind of sluggish, so I decided to go for a recovery reboot to clear cache & whatnot, however now the phone is stuck in an LG logo loop, and is unresponsive to the usual Volume Down + Power-On recovery startup.

    After the LG logo dissapears the soft buttons(Home,Menu,.etc) light up and flash a few times but then the phone restarts it's cycle.

    I've tried the LG support tool to see if I can attempt a recovery, but the USB port doesn't seem to notice the phone at all. If I leave the phone plugged in via usb but take out the battery a triangle with a ! in the middle appears, but once the battery is reinserted the LG logo loop repeats itself.

    I haven't done anything else to the phone, nor have I downloaded anything, so i'm thinking this is more of a charger/hardware shortage issue or something but i don't know..

    Is there anything I can try that would help my situation? or is the phone dead? My carrier is boost if that helps any. Thanks in advance.

  2. Dudejosh0973

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    Yes, I'm having the same problem. I have a rooted lg marquee with cwm recovery... installed cm9 and worked fine. Then I charged it for the night while I was asleep, and felt VERY hot when I woke up. Turned it off, and it shut down really fast. I tried to start it up, but I got a black screen. I tested the voltage of the battery with one of those voltage meters with the two metal things, and it gave off some power. So battery isn't dead. Although I did try another battery (which didn't work) and my computer can't detect it. Nor will the charger port work (tried 4 chargers) PLEASE HELP

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