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Phone Won't Boot

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by IWetMyPhone, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. IWetMyPhone

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    Hello. I dropped my phone (alcatel one touch idol) in the flood earlier and at first it was working fine. I was bothered with the water that got in the camera so i decided to open the back cover (the phone doesn't open easily because it's battery is built in) but when i managed to open it, i heard something spinning and smelled something burnt (?) not sure though. After that it won't boot but when you charge the phone, the notification light still lights up. I am planning to go to a repair shop tomorrow but i can't stop thinking about it and wonder if it could still work. I'm till a student and don't want to bother my parents to buy me another phone. (My old HTC One V died last december/november) Can someone tell me what should i do for the meantime or explain what happened?

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  2. girolez

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    I dont hold much hope for your phone, but until thats confirmed, unplug it, put it into a sealed bag of uncooked rice (to absorb as much water as possible) and cross fingers! If you're really lucky, it may just be a shorted battery...


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